1907: Index to Advertisements


Company Page
Allen Richard, merchant tailor, 69 Patrick street 194
Atlantic and Pacific Hotels, Youghal 463
Bank and Estate Office, 6 Paul street 178
Barrett J, plumber, &c, 76 South main street 233
Barry Timothy, masseur & male nurse, 51 South mall 92
Bewley & Draper ltd, Dichroic Ink, Dublin 200
Blair John & Son, chemists, etc, Patrick street 193
Broderick David, tailor and outfitter, Queenstown 428
Browne, Thompson & Co, seedsmen, 86 Patrick st 175
Buchanan James, practical decorator, 60 Grand pde 203
Building Society, Cork Permanent, 17 South mall   40b
Cahill Patrick & Sons, tin ware, Drawbridge st 243
Canty John, whiskies and wines 310a
Carroll Wm, salt, lime and brick mftr, Anglesea st 187
City of Cork Steam Packet Co, coal merchants 196
Clyde Shipping Co, ltd, Patricks quay 197
Coffey Jeremiah J, builder, etc, Midleton 400a
Collins William Sons & Co ltd, diaries 214
Cooke B & Son, sanitary plumbers, Grand parade 522b
Cork Chemical & Drug Co ltd, chemists 192
Cork Distilleries Co, Morrisons island 4
Cork Gas Company, heating and cooking by gas 198
Cross James R, funeral and posting establishment 213
Cross & Sons, carriage builders, Sullivans quay 40a
Delany John & Co, builders, 25 Henry street 186
Dennehy & Sons, hatters, tailors, etc, Patrick st 222
Devonshire Arms Hotel, Youghal 464a
Dowling M H, dental mechanic, 39 Grand parade 205
Dunn Wm, grocery and provisions, Queenstown 427
Eaton W W, electrical engineer, Nelson place 209
Egan William & Sons ltd, jewellers, Patrick st 68a
El very & Co ltd, waterproofers, etc, Patrick st 248
Eustace & Co ltd, timber and slate merchants 246
Farrell Richard, timber merchants, etc, Youghal 466b
Fielding's Pharmacy, 66 Patrick street 232
Fullwood W, plumber and gasfitter, Marlboro St 233
Galvin M, builder and contractor, Camden quay 190
Gaul Anthony, builder, etc, Old Blackrock road 184
Glen Distillery Co, Kilnap, Co Cork 204
Guy & Co, ltd, printers, stationers, etc 256a, etc
Haughton B & Co, Central Saw Mills back cover
Haughton Geo P & Co, hardware merchants 220
Hayes Bros & Co, provision merchants 238
Heath John, pen manufacturer, Birmingham 218
Hill Samuel, builder and contractor, Anglesea pl 190
Hilser Bros & Co, jewellers, Grand pde  inside front cover
Hilser J & Sons, jewellers, etc, South main street 522a
  Alliance Assurance Company ltd 164
  City Cork Horse Proprietors Insurance Society, ltd, 3
  English and Scottish Law Life In-urance 497a
  General Accident, Fire and Life Assurance Corporation ltd 166
  Northern Assurance Company (life and fire) 168
  North British and Mercantile Insurance Co 170
  Sun Fire Office 172
Imperial Hotel, Queenstown 425
Kearney E K, auctioneer, etc, Marlboro street 176
Kelleher Wm L, builder, etc, 19 Sundays well rd 185
Leech's Hotel and Restaurant, Princes street 174
Love Toomey & Co naval contractors, Queenstown 424
Lynch Patrick J, builder, etc, Whitegate 458
McCarthy J S, painter and decorator, 23 Castle st 202
Mc Carthy J & Sons ltd, wholesale grocers, etc  4a, 4b
McTighe Francis E , tobacconist, Patrick street 244
Macniveri & Cameron, pen m'facturers, Edinburgh 222
Madden and Sons ltd, wine merchants, Bridge st 249
Magahy T W & Son, organ builders, 24 Lower Georges street 231
Maguire John, builder, sculptor, etc, Mulgrave road 522b
Merrick Robert & Sons, ironfounders, Warrens place 208
Mullins & Sons, carriage builders, Warrens place 188
Mulligan J T, cycle, etc, emporium, 5, 6 King st 203
Munster Arcade, drapery, 29, 30 Patrick st,  backcover
Munster Family and Commercial Hotel, Coburg st  172
Munster Steam Laundry 522a
Murphy J, dispensing chemist, Bridge street 195
Murphy James J & Co, ltd, Ladys Well brewery 180
Murray Thomas, ship chandler, Queenstown 423
Murray T W and Co, gun makers, Patrick st 114a, 114b
Newsom and Sons ltd, tea merchants,  front cover
O'Connell John, painter, etc, 7 Great Georges st 68b
O'Connell John A, sculptor, Lower Glanmire road 240
O'Connell William & Co ltd blders, etc, 19 Hanover st 184
O'Connor James & Sons, saw mills  inside back cover
O'Flynn D J & Co, merchant tailors, 39 Cook st 218
C F l y n n E & P, builders and contractors 182
O'Mahony WJ, builder,etc, Ard Barra, Magaziner rd 186
O'Sullivan, brush maker, 27, 29 Maylor street 182
Pasley W T, grocer, etc, Youghal 464
Pickfords ltd, general carriers, etc, 22 Merchants quay 189, 215
Porte F C & Co, electrical engineers, 27 Marlboro st 208
Pulvertaft R & Sons, coppersmiths, Georges st 174, 236
Queenstown Steam Laundry 8
Roche J , wholesale ironmongery Caroline street 213
Ross Nat, furniture remover, St Patricks bridge  215
Russell & Son, provision merchants, etc, Princes st 237
Russell J & Co, cork manufactrs, 6 Lavitts quay 201
Russell Robert, provision dealer, etc, 4 Patrick st 237
Silverspring Starch, Glanmire 206
Simcox James, grocer, 10 Patrick street 216
Spottiswoode John & Son, plumber, etc, 10 Georges st 234
Stewart Robert & Sons ltd, Lisburn, co Antrim 218
Symons Jno & Co ltd, Devonshire Cyder manfrs   180
Taylor & Low Bros, timber importers, Bristol 216
Taylor's Oil, Color, etc, Warehouse, 123 Patrick st 231
Waters J & Sons ltd, chemists, etc, 4 Winthrop st 230
“West Cork People " 310b
Whitehaven Coal, Lapps quay, Cork  front cover
Willoughby & Co, wholesale hardware merchants, King street 221
Woodford, Bourne & Co ltd, grocers etc 466a, 466b
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