1891: Index to Advertisements


Company Page
Abbott Bros, Wine and Spirit Importers xivii
Allen Richard, Merchant Tailor 55b
Allman & Co, Distillers, Bandon xi
Allman F, Hosier, Shirtmaker, etc 120a
Alofas Company's Safe Herbal Specialties xxix
Antoine's Inks xx (SCAN)
Atkins T & J , Musical Instrument Warehouse lii
Barry M, Plumber and Gasfitter xxii
Bible Bros, Oil and Colour Merchants xiii
Bible's Room Paper Depot, Decorators, etc 312b
Butterfield J C Westropp, Dental Surgeon xlii
Canty John, Wine and Spirit Merchant 112a
Carroll William, Salt and Lime Manufacturer 304a
Carey & Buckley, Stock and Share Brokers 16b
Cleburne Bros, Clothiers, Hatters, etc l
Coke for Sale—Cork Gas Company xi
Collins' Publications xiv
Cork Distilleries' Co, limited xl
Cork Permanent Building Society 92a
Crane's, Renshaw's, and Penny's Diaries x
Crosse & Blackwell, Preserved Provision Manufacturers xlii
Daly John, Decorator 126b
Daly John & Co, Wine Merchants 68a
Davidson E, Leather Merchant 48a
Davidson Frank, Pen Manufacturer xviii
Dennehy William, Hatter xxi
Dichroic Ink—Drapers xxiv
Dobbin's—Tobacco and Cigar Manufs back of almanac
Dowd Thomas, Hot Water Heating Engineer 310B
Dunlea Denis, Tea Merchant xxxvii
Egan Win & Sons, Watchmakers and Jewellers 68b
Fitzgerald John, Tobacco Pipe Manufacturer xxxvi
Gas Stoves for Heating and Cooking xii
Glen Distillery Co 48B
Good James, Sanitary Plumber xxxiv
Grant Alexander & Co, Drapers, Hosiers, etc 55a
Guy & Co, limited, Printers, Stationers, etc 128
Harley James A, Coal Merchant xli
Harrington William & Son, Chemists 310a
Haughton B & Co, Iron Merchants,&c inside back cover
Heath John, Pen Manufacturer, Birmingham x
Hegarty Jerome, Brush Manufacturer 112b
Hill Samuel, Builder and Contractor 312
Hotels—Coynes, Ken mare viii
— Munster, Coburg street viii
— Railway, King street xxx
— Royal Victoria, Glenbrook, and Baths xxxi
— Royal Victoria, Killarney ix
— The Gresham, Dublin xxxix
Insurance Companies—Alliance Insurance Co 318a
— Glasgow and London Assurance Co, Ltd vii
— London Assurance vi
— Scottish Widows Fund v
Johnson, Carriage Builder 335
Keeshan Bros, St Finbarrs Boot Factory 112b
Kiloh & Co ltd, Manufacturing Chemists, Oil and
Colour Merchants, etc 16a
King & Co ltd, Boot Manufacturers 318b
Knight Doctor, LL D, School vii
Leech's New Royal Cafe Saloon xlii
London and Newcastle Tea Co xlv
Lucy D & Co, Wool Merchants, Dyers, etc xxxvi
Lynch Brothers, Cabinet Makers, etc 312a
Lynch W, Chandler, Oil and Colour Merchant xxv
MacDonnell Bros, Slate, Timber and Cement
MacNiven & Cameron, Pen Manufacturers xxx
Magahy T W, Organ Builder xxiii
Manley A, Provision Warehouse 16b
Manley C and J , Provision Dealer, etc liii
McCarthy Charles, Sanitary Plumber xxviii
McCarthy James, Naval and Military Tailor xxv
McCarthy J and Sons, Wholesale and Family
Grocers, etc 214a, 214b
McCarthy J S, Decorator xxxvi
McGrath James, Accountant and Auctioneer xxix
Merne John G, Knitting Machinist xxi
Merrick Robert, Engineer, Millwright, etc xxiii
Millard, C 16a
Mitchell John, Pen Manufacturer, London and
Birmingham xvi
Moncaster R M, Tea and Wine Importer xlix
Morton William and Son, Gun Maker 92b
Munster Arcade, Drapery and Furnishing Warehouse back cover
Munster Permanent Building Society iv
Murray, T W & Co, Gun, Rifle and Ammunition
Makers 104a, 104b
Newsom & Sons opposite Index
Oakenhead & Co, Seedsmen and Florists xiii
O'Callaghan J , Cork Woollen Hall li
O'Connell Cornelius, Timber Merchant xlv
O'Connell J V & Co, Woollen and Linen Drapers xxxv
O'Connor James & Sons, Timber and Slate
Merchants inside back cover
O'Connor William, Woollen and Linen Draper xxxiii
O'Flynn E & P, Builders and Contractors xxvi
O'Riordan John, Leather Stores xliv
O'Sullivan D, Brush Manufacturer 318b
Paterson's Matches 304b
Perry John & Sons, Ironmongers, etc xvii
Pigott's Hollow-Ground Razors 120b
Pulvertaft Robert, Brass and Copper Works xxvii
Queen's Old Castle Co, General Drapers iii
Ross John A, Furniture Remover xxxiv
Russell Robert, Provision Merchant xv
Russell & Sons, Provision Merchants, Cork and
Dublin xxx
Ryan James, Paper Bag Manufacturer xxviii
Sealy & Co's Loan and Discount Bank xxxviii
Scott, Harley & Co, Coal Merchants liv
Scott Robt & Co ltd, Iron & Hardware Mchts 270a, 270b
Sheehan Daniel, China, Glass and Lamp Warehouse 126a
Silverspring Starch and Blue xlvi
Smith T J & J—Diaries xxvii
Stewart Robert & Sons, Irish Flax Thread Maker viii viii
Sutton Abraham, Coal Merchant, Insurance
Agent, etc inside front cover
Sutton Abraham & Son, Coal Merchants xliii
Thompson F H & Son, ltd, Confectioners, etc, 236a, 236b
Tumor M & Co, Pen Manufacturers, Birmingham x
Twomey M, Fish Merchant xlviii
Vulcin Foundry xxxii
Wood & Son, Hatters xlv
Woodford, Bourne & Co, Tea, Wine and Spirit
Merchants lv lvi (needs another page)
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