1884: Index to Advertisements

Company Page
Abbott Bros, Wine and Spirit Merchants xli
Account Books 189
Allen Richard, Tailor and Clothier lix
Allman and Co, Bandon Distillery xlix
Baker and Wright, Oil and Colour Merchants xl
Banks William, Family Grocer, etc xii
Barry M, Plumber and Gasfitter xix
Beale Alfred, Stock and Share Broker xxviii
Berlin Photographic Studio xxiii
Bible Bros, Oil and Colour Merchants xxxix
Bible W H, Room Paper Depot, etc xxxvii
Blair John, Pharmaceutical & Dispensing Chemist 189
Britton B, Piano Warerooms 202
Burns and Hutton, Belvelly Brick & Tile Works 191
Burrowes and Son, Cabinet Makers, etc. lxi
Carey and Buckley, Stock and Share Brokers liv
Cash and Co, General Drapers, etc. lxiv
Cleburne Bros, Clothiers, Hosiers, etc. lviii
Cleburne & Son ltd, Cloth Merchants & Clothiers xxxii
Coke for Sale—Cork Gas Co xxiv
Collins Publications xxxv
Cork Blacking Company's Patent Blacking xxxvi
Cork Distilleries'Co, Limited lvi
Cork Investment, Land and Building Society xviii
Crosse and Blackwell, Preserved Provision Manufacturers xlii
Daly John & Co, Cabinet Makers, etc. inside front cover
Daly John, Decorator liii
Daly Maurice D, Grocer, etc xxii
Davidson E, Wholesale and Retail Leather Store xvi
Day Robert and Son, Army and Hunting Saddlers v
Dennehy William, Hatter xliii
Dichroic Ink vii
Dorman Miss, Tobacconist, etc. xii
Down H M, Music Warehouse, etc. li
Dunlea William, Victualling Establishment l
Egan and Sons, Watchmakers and Jewellers lvii
Flynn Danl, jun, Hosier, Gentlemen's Outfitter, etc. xxi
Foley Richard, Importer, Underwriter, etc. xx
Gas Apparatus xxiv
Gillman John Michael, Stationer and News Agent xxi
Good James, Sanitary Plumber liv
Gouldings, Chemists, Oil & Colour Merchants, etc. 193b
Grubb George, Oil and Colour Warehouse 201
Guy Francis (see below)
Guy Francis, Photographic Studio xxxviii, 202
Harley, J A and Co, Coal Merchants 193a
Haughton B & Co, Iron,Timber, & Slate Merchants 208
Henley John, Watch and Clock Maker xxxvi
Hilser Bros, Watch and Clock Makers lii
Holloway's advertisements xliv, xlv
Hop Bitters xix
Hotels—The Gresham, Dublin x
The Imperial, Cork xi
Insurance Offices—Atlas Fire and Life vi
London Assurance Corporation, Life and Fire iv
- Scottish Widows' Fund Life v
Insurance Offices — Temperance and General Provident Institution lii
West of England Fire and Life xxx
Keller G W, Plumber and Gasfitter li
King B and Co, Boot Warehouse xxii
Leahy John, Boot and Shoe Maker xvii
Lee Circulating Library xxxix
Love and Co, Trunk and Packing Case Manufacturers lii
Lucy D & Co, Wool Merchants & Manufacturers lvii
Lynch Brothers, Furnishing Warehouse lx
Lynch W, Oil, Colour, and Drug Warehouse xvii
McCarthy J, Tea Merchant xvii
Macniven and Cameron's Pens xxviii
Meade D F, Carriage Builder xlviii
Moncaster R M, Grocer and Wine Merchant xiv, 207
Murray T W and Co, Gun, Rifle and Cartridge Manufacturers xxv
Mulcahy D and Co, Booksellers and Stationers xxxvii
Munster Arcade, General Drapers, etc. back of cover
O'Brien John and Co, Cork Woollen and Hat Warehouse xxxiv
O'Callaghan J , Cork Woollen Hall viii
O'ConnellJonn&Sons,HouseDecorators&BuiIders lxii
O'Connor James and Son, Timber Merchants, etc. xxxvi, inside back cover
O Connor James, Seed, Manure, and Implement Warehouse xiv
O'Connor William, Woollen and Linen Draper xxxiii
O'Flynn E and P, Builders and Contractors xxvi
O'Neill E, Milliner xxxi
O'Sullivan Daniel & Sons, Builders & Contractors xliii
O'Sullivan J J & C F, Architects and Surveyors xix
Patent Medicines ix, xvi, xxvi, xxix
Perrott R and Sons, The Hive Iron Works xlvii, 205
Perry John and Sons, Ironmongers, etc. xxvii
Pigott Joseph and Son, Hair Dressers, etc. lxiii
Pulvertaft Robert, Brass Founder and Coppersmith xiii, xlii
Queen's Old Castle Co, General Drapers, etc. iii
Roberts John, Builder and Contracter xlviii
Robinson R and H, Stock and Share Brokers v
Rohu F R, Naturalist, etc xxix, 109
Ross J , General Carrying Establishment xiii
Russell Robert, Provision Merchant xxviii
Ryan James, Paper and Paper Bag Manufacturer xlviii
Scott Robert and Co, Iron & Hardware Merchts xlvi
Sealy and Co's Loan and Discount Office xv
Singer's Sewing Machines xii
Smith W J and Co, Steam Confectionery Works xxxi
Sunner R, Pharmaceutical and Family Chemists 193
Teap W B, Coal and Potato Merchant xxix
Wallis John and Sons, Carriers, etc, xli
Watson Benj, Art Metal Worker xlii
West John, Boiler, Tank and Girder Maker xli
Wood and Son, Hatters xxxi
Young, Oakenhead & Co, Seedsmen and Florists xxiii
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