William West Cork Directory 1809-1810

Entries for St Patrick's Street

Business NameBusiness
Advertiser (Published on Tuesday, Thursday and Saturday) Newspaper office
Austen, Robert Manufacturer of pewter, brass, copper, tin, block-tin and japanned goods
Bacon, John Thomas Apothecary
Baldwin & Beamish Woollen drapers
Barrett, Miss Haberdasher
Bastable, John S. Chymist (sic) and druggist
Bennett, Henry Attorney
Bennett, Jno, Prop. “Southern Reporter” Newspaper office (published on Tuesday, Thursday and Saturday)
Bennett, John Attorney
Bennett, Thomas Optician and mathematical instrument maker
Busteed, Margaret Haberdasher
Cahill, John Merchant
Capriana, Francis Printseller and looking-glass manufacturer
Carey, James. Esq. (not stated)
Carr, Thomas Linen draper
Codd, Mary Tea dealer
Cogan, John Tallow chandler
Cogan, Mary Upholsterer
Cole, John A. Attorney
Cole, Mary Haberdasher
Comins, Philip Grocer
Corbett, Dan Jeweller
Corbett, John Historical etc. painter
Cumming, William Hatter
Cuthbert, Thomas Merchant
Dalters, Judas Mail Coach Hotel
Dalters, William Mail Coach office
Daly, Edward Agent Atlas Insurance Office
Davis, Jon. Ironmonger
Denmead, Henry Bookseller
Devereux, Teresa Trunk maker
Dougan, Margaret Haberdasher
Evory and Odell Booksellers
Fanning, C. Paper-hanging manufacturer
Foot, Richard Attorney
Foot, Thomas Attorney
Franks, Henry Linen draper
Gamble, James Ladies' shoemaker
Gibbings , Robert. Dr. Physician
Gibbs, R. Portrait and landscape painter
Goold, George Esq. (not stated)
Graham, Joseph Merchant
Grainger, Henry Ladies' shoemaker
Green, J Engraver and copperplate printer
Gregg, William Attorney
Haddock, Jane Milliner
Haddock, Marsden Organ builder
Hare, David Woollen draper
Hare, John Grocer
Harrington, Dan Baker
Harrington, William Chymist (sic) and druggist
Harris, Thomas Merchant
Hobbs, William Attorney
Hooper & Campbell Merchants
Hunt, Thomas Optician
Hyde, Thomas Saddler and harness maker
Jacotin, D. Professor of languages
Kenefick, Edward & Sons Woollen drapers and lacemen
Kennedy, Samuel Carver, gilder etc.
Kirner , Simon Print seller
Lapp, Counsellor (not stated)
Lilly & Co. S Linen and shirt warehouse
Long, Eliza. Grocer and provision warehouse
Longfield, John Dr . Physician
Lymberry, Greg. Sea-bread warehouse
M'Carthy, Michael Confectioner
Mahony, Jer. Esq. (not stated)
Malet, John-Adam Grocer
Mannix, Thomas Attorney
Martin, Robert Dr . Physician
Matthews, M. Book and print seller
McAuliffe, Florence Fruit merchant
McNamara, Dan Furrier
Meany, Edward Merchant
Mercantile Newspaper Office (published on Mondays, Wednesdays and Fridays)  
Merrick, Samuel Attorney
Newell, Robert Attorney
Newenham, George & Co. Bankers
O'Donnohue, Mary Toy shop
O'Driscoll, James Linen draper
O'Grady, Jer Tailor and habit maker
O'Hare & Co. Stationers
Plants, Miss Milliner
Power, Edward Woollen draper
Quigley, William Grocer and tea dealer
Reeves, Eliza. Mrs. (not stated)
Reynolds, J. ‘Patriotic Magazine' office
Roberts, John (not stated)
Roberts, Sir Thomas, Bart. & Co. Bankers
Roche, Andrew Perfumer
Roche, James Professor of Music
Rogers, Robert Gun maker
Seymour, G. Tin worker and coppersmith
Shinkwin, Austin “Royal Exchange” Assurance Office
Shinkwin, Thomas Cabinet maker
Smith, George Saddler
Smith, John Linen draper
Smith, P. Professor and seller of music
Solomon, Isaac Silversmith and jeweller
Sullivan, Eugene Haberdasher
Sweeny, John Attorney
Tatam, George Part proprietor of the “Advertiser”
Teulon, John Distiller
Teulon, William Silversmith
Therry, Nicholas & Co. Merchants
Thompson, James Merchant
Thornhill , John Ladies' shoemaker
Toole, Robert Metal founder
Vincent, Nicholas Attorney
Walde, George Esq. (not stated)
Walsh, Richard Attorney
White, Mary Haberdasher
Wilcocks, Adderley Attorney
Wright, Zebulon Ladies' shoemaker


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