Richard Lucas 'The Cork Directory for the year 1787

Entries for St Patrick's Street

Baker, Paul Merchant
Bastable, C. Haberdasher
Bastable, John Attorney
Chatterton, Thomas Public notary, attorney and Clerk of the
Crown and Peace of the County of Cork
Cooper, Sam (& Co. ) Wine merchants
Coppinger, Stephen Wine merchant
Dargavill, Robert Spirit and porter merchant
Daunt, G M.D. and surgeon
Downing, Daniel Pefumer
Fitton, Terence Iron-manufacturer
Foot, Thomas Attorney
Gardiner, Miss Milliner
Goold, George Merchant
Gregg, James Public notary
Gregg, James Attorney
Haly, Sir John M.D.
Hawkins, Patrick Merchant
Hopper, Edward Hart Spirit-merchant
Izod & Co. Wholesale candle and soap manufacturers
Izod, Kavan & Co. Merchants
Keayes, C. Plumber and glazier
Kinselagh, Edmond Roche Sword-bearer and coroner
Lapp, John Merchant
Lee, James Cabinet-maker
Leycester and McCall Merchants
Lloyds, Miss Boarding-school
Longfield, John M.D.
M'Carthy, Charles Wine-merchant
Malet, John Adam Cooper
Merrick, Richard Stationer and patent medicine
Pick, Vezian Wine-merchant
Pounden, Joshua Iron-foundry warehouse
Russell, John Merchant
Seymour, George Founder, ironmonger and brazier
Shinkwin, Austin Agent to the Dublin Insurance
Company against Fire
Swayne, Benjamin Attorney
Tickells, Mary Grocer
Travers, Robert Attorney
Webb, John Justice
White, James Ironmonger
Cork City Libraries, Grand Parade, Cork, Ireland.
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