Old Friary Place and St Mary's Dominican Priory

Old Friary Place plaque
                    Old Friary Place wall plaque

The Dominican friars had a presence in the Shandon area since about 1721, when they settled in a lane off the east side of Shandon Street, just south of today's Dominic Street. That lane is now known as Old Friary Place. The chapel which they bult in Friary Place in 1729 was known as 'Sand Quay Chapel'. Cork-born Catholic educationalist Nano Nage often attended Mass at this Chapel. In 1784 after the easing of the Penal Laws the Dominicans built a new church on the site of Shandon Castle, at Shandon Castle Lane — later renamed Dominic Street after the founder of the Dominicans. Their monastery subsequently became known as the Dominic Street friary, where they remained until 1839, after which they moved to their present site at Pope's Quay, to St Mary's Dominican Priory, designed by architect Kearns Deane. 

 Dominican Friary
St Mary's Dominican Priory


Old friary lane shandon area
Dominican Friary on [Old] Friary Lane, south-west of Shandon Castle Lane (now Dominick Street), with Sand Quay (now part of Carroll's Quay) on right of map (Detail from Rocque's map of Cork city, 1759)                              


Dominican Priory 2 A smaller section of the above map detail shows the first Dominican Priory, built in 1729, on Friary Lane (Rocques Map of Cork city, 1759)
Dominican Priory map Rectangle in centre, with 'Dom priory', representing the second Dominican Priory, built in 1784 on the site of Shandon Castle, where the Firkin Crane is located today (detail from Murphy's map of Cork city, 1789)
Dominican friary 3 Location of the third Dominican prory, at its current site at Pope's Quay, built in 1832 (detail from Moore's National Exhibition map of 1852)



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