Brown's Square

Browns Square
Brown's square / Cearnóg an Bhrúnaigh

The area at the base of Shandon Street, next to the North Gate Bridge, is known as Brown’s Square. It was created in the late 1760s byBrowns Square‌ the demolition of small houses and shops in front of a house owned by a Mr Brown. The map (click to enlarge) on the right shows the area north of Farren's Quay that constitutes Brown's Square (Geographia map of Cork city, 1951).  An RIC Station was based in this square in the late nineteenth century. The former Dunscombe fountain, illustrated on left below, was cast in the George Smith & Company Sun Foundry in Glasgow in the late nineteenth century and given to Cork Corporation in April 1883.  The Dunscombe fountain was removed in the  early twentieth century. Another fountain was constructed in Brown's Square in the 1980s as part of the Cork 800 celebrations in 1985. This fountain was removed in 2003 before the 2004 remodelling of the area as part of the Shandon renewal scheme.

             Dunscombes fountain       Cork 800 fountain                
                               Dunscombe fountain in 1928                                                        Cork 800 fountain



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