St Anne's Park, Shandon

St Annes Park
St Anne's Park in foreground

St Anne’s Park is on the site of the former northern cemetery, in the grounds of St Anne’s Church. St Mary’s ofSt Annes Graveyard‌ the Mountain Church, destroyed during the Siege of Cork in 1690, once stood on this site. The map detail on the right, from Connor's map of Cork city 1774, shows the northern cemetery, including the Green Coat Hospital and School at centre-right of map. One of the best known persons interred in this former cemetery is Father Francis Sylvester Mahony, who composed the verses, 'The Bells of Shandon'. He used 'Father Prout' as his pen name. Fr Mahony worked as a chaplin for the North Infirmary. He died in Paris in 1866 and his remains were transferred to the Mahony family vault in St Anne's graveyard. Another grave in the same cemetery was that of Rev Arthur Hyde, the first rector of St Anne’s and great-great-grandfather of Douglas Hyde, first President of Ireland. The graveyard contains several tombstones that predate the building of St Anne’s Church. In 2006, the Church of Ireland handed over the northern cemetery to Cork City Council for use as a public park. After being prepared as a park, it was officially opened on 22 June 2010 as St Anne’s Park by Lord Mayor Dara Murphy. 

     St annes graveyard plinth                                                             St Annes tombs  
Mary Anne Stewart memorial plinth, St Anne's Park                                                 Tombs by St Anne's Park             ‌                                                                                                                                          



St annes graveyard fr mahony tomb
Mahony family tomb in St Anne's Park, where Father Sylvester Mahony was interred



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