Dr Mary Hearn Park

            Dr Mary Hearn Park
            Dr Mary Hearn Park in foreground


One of two public parks created on disused cemeteries in the Shandon area is known as the Dr Mary Hearn Park. It can be entered from Bob and Joan's Walk at the south side of St Anne's Church, Shandon. The park was named after theMary Hearne park map‌ wife of Robert T. Hearn, rector of St Anne’s Cathedral from 1905 to 1939. A record of this graveyard dates back to 1722 but it was probably used as a burial ground as far back as the eighth or ninth century. Its last new burials were around the year 1900. The middle of the map detail on the right shows the former cemetery on Rocque's map of Cork city 1773. In 1985 the Church of Ireland handed over possession of the graveyard to the Lions Club in Cork to develop it as a memorial park. The graveyard continued to fall into disrepair however until the Church of Ireland handed it over to Cork City Council in 2006. While converting the cemetery to a public park, the City Council constructed new paths, new green areas, and repaired some gravestones. It was officially opened as the Dr Mary Hearn Park by Lord Mayor Michael O’Connell on 22 June 2011.

        Dr Mary Hearn Park 2 
 Dr Mary Hearn Park viewed from the belfry of St Anne's Church, Shandon


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