Butter Exchange Band

           Buttera Band  
                                                                                  Butter Exchange Band                                                                        


The Butter Exchange Band, locally known as ‘The Buttera’, was established in its present form in 1878. It had originally been known as the butter exchange band signFather MacNamara Band after the priest who helped set up the band. The band was taken over by the employees of the Butter Exchange in 1878, after the departure of Fr MacNamara, and rButtera old location‌enamed the Butter Exchange Brass and Reed Band.  The band’s rehearsal rooms are located at 48 Dominick Street near the old Butter Market.  The band was originally a schoolboy band, but in 1878 it ‌became more an adult band. Since the 1970s, the band has admitted female members. In recent years, there has been an increase in the numbers of young people in the band and it has reverted to being primarily a young person’s band.


 ‌                                               Butter Exchange Brass and Reed Band plaque
                                         Butter Exchange Band plaque located on the footpath at Brown's Square


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