Landmarks Bilingual List

Miscellaneous geographic features around Cork city: a bilingual list

This list was last updated in April 2018, and will not be updated in the future. We recommend you visit with your query.

This list was compiled and edited by Cork City Libraries from a number of sources. The list started by extracting information from "Sráidainmneacha Chathair Chorcaí" by Séamus Ó Coigligh (in Sráidainmneacha na hÉireann, pp. 41-75, ed. Breandán S. Mac Aodha. Baile Átha Cliath: An Gúm, 1998), with the permission of the author and the publisher. Additional material and editorial input was provided by Diarmuid Ó Murchadha. Some of the names refer to historical entities which no longer exist, e.g., Allen's Marsh.

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