Places: Introduction

One of the greatest treasures from the past is the great hoard of Irish placenames that has survived. The placenames, as well as being intrinsically interesting, are also of great value to historians, geologists and geographers. They may indicate the presence of geographical features or human artefacts in places from which all other signs of these have been eroded by time. The Irish versions of the placenames encode meaning in ways which their English transliterations do not, for example, the placename 'Lissanisky' / 'Lios an Uisce'. The English version conveys little about the history of the place. The Irish version, 'Lios and Uisce' (the fort/enclosure by the water) immediately indicates that the place is, or once was, near water and that some form of enclosure existed there. This section has bilingual lists of street names, townland names and geographical features. We hope to add more material here in the future.

Maps showing current and past streetscapes of Cork City

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