Maps of the Roads of Ireland (Taylor & Skinner, 1777) — County Cork maps

In 1777 George Taylor and Andrew Skinner surveyed and mapped the roads of Ireland and published their results the following year. The maps were engraved by Garnet Terry. The strip maps were welcomed for their accuracy and for showing details of roads and crossroads, naming landlords and their houses and outlining topographical features. Listed below are 30 maps of Cork included in the original publication 'Maps of the Roads of Ireland'. Click on a thumbnail below to view a higher resolution pdf of each excerpt. An explanation key and index to crossroads in the maps (This can be used as a guide to the contents of a particular page.) are available directly below, aswell as a map of all Ireland featured at the beginning of the book.


Additional High Resolution Downloads
 A New & Accurate Map of the Kingdom of Ireland
 made from actual surveys by Taylor & Skinner 1777
 Explanation and Indices  Download
 Combined PDF of Cork excerpts  Download


113_Thumbnail_Road_from_Dublin_to_Tipperary_and_Kilworth 121_Thumbnail_Road_from_Dublin_to_Cork 122_Thumbnail_Road_from_Dublin_to_Cork 123_Thumbnail_Road_from_Dublin_to_Cork 124_Thumbnail_Road_from_Dublin_Mitchelstown_and_Doneraile
 Page 113  Page 121  Page 122  Page 123  Page  124
 125_Thumbnail_Road_from Fermoy_to_Lismore_and_Dublin_to_Midleton  126_Thumbnail_Road_from_Dublin_to_Midleton_and_Cloyne_and_to_Castle_Martyr  127_Thumbnail_Road_from_Dublin_to_Dungarvan_and_to Youghal_and_to_Lismore_and_Ta  128_Thumbnail_Road_from_Dublin_Youghal  129_Thumbnail_Road_from_Cork_to_Tallagh
Page 125 Page 126 Page 127 Page 128 Page 129
 130_Thumbnail_Road_from_Dublin_to_Youghal_and_to_Castle_Martyr_by_Youghal  167_Road_from_Cork_to_Youghal_and_to_Cloyne  168_Thumbnail_Road_from_Youghal_to_Cloyne_by_Castle_Martyr  169_Thumbnail_Road_from_Cork_to_Kinsale_and_from_Kinsale_to_Inishonan  170_Thumbnail_Road_from_Cork_to_Skebreen_and_Baltimore_by_Clonekilty
Page 130 Page 167 Page 168 Page 169 Page 170
 171_Thumbnail_Road_from_Cork_to_Skebreen_and_Baltimore  172_Thumbnail_Road_from_Cork_to_Bantry_and_to_Skebreen  173_Thumbnail_Road_from_Cork_to_Bantry_and_Skebreen  174_Thumbnail_Road_from_Clonekilty_to_Dunmanway_and_from_Skebreen_to_Bantry  175_Thumbnail_Road_from_Macroom_and_to_Kenamre_Town_formerly_Nedeen_and_from_Cor
Page 171 Page 172 Page 173 Page 174 Page 175
 176_Thumbnail_Road_from_Cork_to_Macroom_and_Kenmare_Town  177_Thumbnail_Road_from_Cork_to_Kenmare_Town  178_Thumbnail_Road_from_Mill_Street_to_Bandon  179_Thumbnail_Road_from_Cork_to_Tralee_and_to_Killarney  180_Thumbnail_Road_from_Cork_to_Tralee_and_Killarney
Page 176 Page 177 Page 178 Page 179 Page 180
 182_Thumbnail_Road_from_Mallow_to_Mill_Street  183_Thumbnail_Road_From_Cork_to_Limerick_and_from_Cork_to_Doneraile  184_Thumbnail_Road_from_Cork_to_Limerick  185_Thumbnail_Road_from_Mallow_to_Newcastle  195_Thumbnail_Road_from_Charleville_to_Rathkeale
Page 182 Page 183 Page 184 Page 185 Page 195
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