Goad Plans: 1935 revisions

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1935 page 1

A higher quality version of this Key Plan with index is available for download in PDF format:

Goad Plans 1935 Key Plan (3Mb)

Map 2 John Redmond St (E), Camden Quay, Carrolls Quay, Leitrim St, Coburg Street (S); Bridge St (W)
Map 3 Bridge St (E), Wellington Rd (W), MacCurtain St, St Patrick's Quay (W)
Map 4 MacCurtain St (SE), St Patricks Quay (E); Glanmire Rd Lr (W), Ship St, Penrose Quay
Map 5 North & South Main St (N), Cornmarket St (W), Washington Street (NE), Castle St, Grand Parade (NW); INSERT: Sharman Crawford St, Bishop St (W)
Map 6 Lavitt's Quay, Cornmarket St (E), Paul St, St Patrick's St (W:N), Daunt’s Square (E)
Map 7 Lavitt's Quay, Emmet Pl., Academy St (E), St Patrick's St (E:W)
Map 8 Merchant's Quay, St Patrick’s St (NE), Parnell Place (NW), Oliver Plunkett St (E:N)
Map 9 Anderson's Quay, Lr Oliver Plunkett St, Lapp's Quay; Stone Quay
Map 10 Washington St (W:S), Clark’s Bridge, Sharman Crawford St, Crosses Green, Proby’s Quay
Map 11 Washington St (E:S), South Main St (S), Grand Parade (W)
Map 12 Grand Parade (E), St Patrick’s St (W:S), Ol. Plunkett St (W), South Mall (NW)
Map 13 St Patrick's Street (mid:S), Oliver Plunkett St, South Mall (mid:N) — Marlborough to Pembroke Streets only
Map 14 South Mall (mid:S), Fr Mathew Quay, George's Quay
Map 15 Oliver Plunkett St (SE), South Mall (E); Union Quay, Anglesea St (NW), Copley St (W)
Map 16 Albert Quay & St & Rd; Victoria Rd; Victoria Quay

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