Views of Cork and Killarney

Blarney Castle, c. 1900
Blarney Castle (Views of Cork and Killarney)

From Souvenir of Cork & Killarney: with 19 illustrations, complete with letterpress. Dublin and Belfast: Eason & Son Ltd., (n.d.)

Extract from the above publication:

"Blarney Castle, built by Cormac McCarthy about the year 1440, consists at the present time of one massive tower some 120 feet high, and a smaller, but very imperfect, tower in a bad state of preservation.

The castle was besieged by the forces of Cromwell, led by his brother-in-law Ireton, and only surrendered after a stout defence.  The battlements are peculiar in the fact that they do not form a part of the wall, but are built out from it to enable defenders to drop stones, etc., on the heads of an attacking force."

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