Lee Rowing Club


Lee Rowing Club

Lee Rowing Club was founded in 1850. The first boat club was on Albert Quay (now MacSwiney Quay). After a fire in 1880 a boat club was built near the Lower Glanmire Road and in 1886 the club moved to the present site on the Marina.

The top half of the clubhouse in the photograph, except for the roof, was one of the exhibition halls used during the Cork Exhibition on 1902. The original roof was replaced in 1939.

The club's nickname was the 'collars and cuffs' because many of its members were apprentice tailors. It was associated with Lees G.A.A. Club and had the same colours, red and black, as the G.A.A. club.

The club's greatest triumphs came in 1925 and 1933 when it won the Leander trophy.

In July 1890 the club asked the great Charles Stewart Parnell for a financial contribution to help clear the club's debts. Parnell obliged and was made an honorary member of the club.

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