1773: Rocque's map of Cork city

After John Rocque died in 1762 his widow and associates continued in the map-making business, including drafting this 1773 revision of his 1759 map of Cork city. Revisions of the 1759 map show the reclamation of Dunbar’s Marsh to form an area generally known today as Morrison’s Island, on the southern side of South Mall, and the reclamation of Green/Green’s Marsh (also known then as Devonshire’s Marsh) in the area around present-day Camden Quay and northwards showing where new streets were formed, including today’s Pine Street and Devonshire Street.


The 1773 : Rocque's map of Cork city is also available in PDF format:

1773: Rocque's map of Cork city(3,050KB)

1773: Rocque's Map of Cork — north orientation(3,050KB)

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