Tuckey's Cork Remembrancer

‌Little is known about Francis H. Tuckey, the compiler of the Cork Remembrancer first published in 1837 by Osborne Savage and Son of St Patrick Street. A note in the Journal of the Cork Historical and Archaeological Society in 1909 claims that he was a barrister, a member of the family that gave their name to Tuckey Street and was very deaf! Whatever about his physical infirmity, his Remembrancer is a wonderfully entertaining and valuable chronology of events in Cork from the earliest times until 1820, and especially from the 16th century onwards. Professional historians will use it with caution as it contains a mixture of primary and secondary sources. For the general reader it is a book to dip into rather than read through and readers will find much that is entertaining and much that is grim in the long history of Cork.

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Tuckey Remembrancer Map
                1545 Map of Cork taken from Tuckey's Remembrancer

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