Mayoral Booke


This is a type of commonplace book and Pembrock is part of a long tradition of authors who gathered information and recorded it for their personal use.  Although titled ‘Ye Mayoral Booke of Thomas Pembrock 1733 Mayor of Cork’, it deals with much more than Pembrock’s time as mayor of Cork.  His book includes some songs and ballads, but is primarily a record of practical information relating to property, civic life, family, travel, health, food and drink.  

mayoral book front cover

This book is a compilation of at least three manuscripts.  Much of the book, up to page 288, covers a wide range of themes relating to Pembrock’s life.   Page 290 sees the start of a section relating mainly to civic and legal matters, with a final section (from page 346) listing local, national and international events. Most of the book appears to be in Pembrock’s handwriting, with some inscriptions in another, later, hand.

oath common speaker

Page 294 Oath of the Common Speaker

mayors of cork

Page 372 Mayors of Cork

There is a reference to a ‘Memorandum Book of May & June 1722’ (page 24) and ‘my Old Book’ (page 55), suggesting that Pembrock also kept other books and records.

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