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Thomas Pembrock’s book provides fascinating details about life in the 18th century. He covered many themes, ranging from the daily rate for employing a painter in 1728 (page 68), how to make ‘orange wine’ (pages 138, 157), costs and plans for making wheelbarrows (pages 88, 129, 200), to floor plans for Christ Church (pages 38-39).

rate for employing a painter

Page 68 Painter's Rate 1728

orange wine recipe

Page 157 Recipe for Orange Wine

plans of wheelbarrows

Page 129 Plan for a Wheelbarrow

christ church plans

Pages 38-39 Christ Church Plans

He lists particulars of his and other property and the names of tradesmen such as carpenters, painters and plumbers.  Details of civic life, such as the costs of clothing for mayors and sheriffs, are given, along with legal and financial information. 

Pembrock provides birth, marriage and burial records for his extended family and friends, as well as information about churches, particularly St. Peter’s Church and Christ Church.  Other themes include the costs of importing products, travel information within Ireland, cures for illnesses and prices for a wide range of goods and services.

travel information

Page 171 The Road to Dublin

Towards the end of the book are valuable lists of civic information, including fees, legal oaths and lists of officials who held office in Cork from the 13th century.  

cures for illnesses

Page 105 Cures for Illnesses


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