General Interest

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Cork Interest

Allihies parish. SEE O'Dwyer, Riobard

Allman family SEE Prentice, Sydney & Mildred

Barrymore, Earls of SEE Robinson, John Robert

Ballyoughtera church and graveyard SEE Troy, B. Canon. P.P. V.F.

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Bere Island parish SEE O'Dwyer, Riobard

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Boyle family SEE Budgell, Eustace

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Castletownbere parish SEE O'Dwyer, Riobard

Caulfield, Richard. The register of the parish of the Holy Trinity ( Christ Church), Cork; from July 1643 to February 1668. With extracts from the parish books from 1664 to 1668. (Cork: Purcell, 1877)

Census returns The 1901 and 1911 census returns for the city and county of Cork are now online. [Microfilm].
Census returns for 1911 the city and county of Cork are also on microfilm.

Churchyard Lane Graveyard SEE Scoil na Croise Naofa

Civil Survey SEE Simington, Robert C.

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Clayton family SEE Rylands, J. Paul.

Clerke family SEE Briscoe, Jeffrey R.

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Cummins family. SEE Cook, Kerrin.

De Vere family SEE Jones, Joan Wynne

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Doneraile papers SEE O'Loghlen, Susan & McDonnell, Ciara

Dowden family. SEE Prentice, Sydney and Mildred

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Eyeries parish SEE O'Dwyer, Riobard

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Fitzmaurice family. SEE Bourke, J.

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Ford family. SEE O'Regan, Michael G.

Fuller family. Pedigree of Fuller of Cork, Kerry and Halsted. [Extract from Miscellanea Genealogica et Heraldica.]

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Green family. SEE Swanzy, Henry Biddall

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Hyde family. [Some notes on the history of the Hyde family, Cork.] (Spiral-bound typescript.)

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Kilbrogan Roman Catholic Cemetery, Bandon, Co. Cork. Gravestone inscriptions. (Bandon: West Cork Heritage Centre, 1985)

Killaconenagh parish SEE O'Dwyer, Riobard

King family (Mitchelstown) SEE Power, Bill

Kingston family SEE Power, Bill

(The) Kingston Family in West Cork. ( Armagh: Printed at the 'Guardian' Office, 1929.

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MacCarrthy family SEE ALSO St. Leger, Alicia

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Marmullane Cemetery SEE Passage Heritage 1988. and O'Mahony, Colman

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Mellefont, Arthur. Malenfant families. (New South Wales: A.V. Mellefont, 1983)

Mitchelstowm Community Council/Anco. Heritage Survey: St George's Graveyard, Co. Cork. (Mitchelstown: Mitchelstown Community Council / AnCo, n.d.)

Moran, Andrew James Your father is a Moran and your mother was a Murphy. (Narara, N.S.W.: Andrew James Moran, 1987.)

Murphy family. SEE Moran, Andrew James

Murphy, Finbarr et. al. St Michael's Bere Island, Co. Cork. Gravestone inscriptions. (Bere Island: Bere Island Heritage Centre, 1986.)

Nagle family SEE O'Connell, Basil

National school registers SEE Healy, Dan.

O'Connell, Basil The Nagles of Ballygriffin and Nano Nagle. (Reprinted from the Irish Genealogist Vol. 3. No. 2. July, 1957.)

O'Donovan, Peadar Irish family names. (Skibbereen: Peadar O'Donovan, 1991)

O'Driscoll family SEE Lankford, Eamonn

O'Dubhda family SEE MacHale, Conor

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O'Loghlen, Susan & McDonnell, Ciara Doneraile papers. National Library of Ireland collection list no. 62. (Dublin: National Library of Ireland, 1998-2000.) [A descriptive catalogue of papers relating to the estates of the St. Leger family, the Viscounts of Doneraile, Co. Cork. The papers described are from the period 1756 to 1950.]

O'Mahony, Colman. (Compiler.) Gravestone inscriptions of Marmullane Churchyard, Passage West, Co. Cork. (Unpublished typescript.)

O'Mahony, Colman (Compiler.) O'Mahony: notes and records. (Unpublished typescript.)

O'Mahony, Colman. The O'Mahony's of Blarney. (Unpublished typescript.)

The O'Mahony Journal Vol 1, 1971 - ongoing

Ó Murchadha, Diarmuid Family names in County Cork (Cork: Collins Press, 1996)

O'Neill family SEE Grady, Germaine C.

O'Regan, Michael The Fords of Madame (Extract from St. Mary's Past Pupils Union Annual.)

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Ó Riordáin, Tomás (Comp.) A pedigree of the Scanlan family of east and north-east Cork and West Waterford. (Unpublished typescript.)

O'Sullivan family SEE Sullivan, T.D.

The Orrery Papers. SEE Cork and Orrery, Countess of. (Ed.)

Our Lady of the Most Holy Rosary Church, Midleton, Co. Cork: gravestone inscriptions from cemetery SEE Troy, B. Canon. P.P. V.F.

Pammett, Howard T. The emigration from Ireland to Upper Canada under Peter Robinson in 1825. (Microfilm.)

Parker family. SEE MacCarthy, C.J.F.

Passage Heritage 1988. Marmullane Cemetery . (Unpublished typescript in four volumes with sketches of and transcriptions from the gravestones in Marmullane Cemetery.)

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Pole family. SEE Bayer, Constance Pole

Power, Bill White knights and dark earls. The rise and fall of an Anglo-Irish dynasty. ( Cork: Collins Press, 2000) [The book tells the story of the King family, later the earls of Kingston]

Pratt, John Pratt family records: an account of the Pratts of Youghal and Castlemartyr, Co. Cork, Ireland and their descendants. (Millom: Dickinson, 19931)

Prentice, Sydney & Prentice Bear and forebear: a genealogical study of the Prentice, Barnard and related families in Great Britain, Ireland and Australia. (Brisbane: Watson, Ferguson & Co., 1984.) (Note: the book contains material on the Allman and Dowden families of Co. Cork.)

Reeves family. SEE Fleming, Lionel T.

Robinson, John The last Earls of Barrymore 1769-1824. (London: Sampson Low, Marston & Co., 1894.)

Robinson, Peter The Peter Robinson papers relating to the 1825 state-assisted emigration scheme to Upper Canada. (Microfilm.)

Roche family. [Articles on the Roche family which include a brief biographical note on St Roch and a prayer to him.]

Rylands, J. Paul Some account of the Clayton family of Thelwall, Co. Chester: afterwards of St Dominick's Abbey, Doneraile and Mallow, Co. Cork. (Liverpool: T. Brakell, 1880.)

Sadleir family. SEE O'Leary, Thomas

St George's Graveyard, Mitchelstown, Co. Cork. SEE Mitchelstown Community Council/AnCo

St. Leger, Alicia. MacCarthy: people and places. (Whitegate, Co. Clare: Ballinakella Press, 1990.)

St. Leger family SEE O'Loghlen, Susan & McDonnell, Ciara

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St Michael's Graveyard, Bere Island, Co. Cork SEE Murphy, Finbar

St Peter's Graveyard, Ballymodan, Bandon, Co. Cork. SEE West Cork Heritage Centre

Scanlan family SEE Ó Riordáin, Tomás

School registers SEE Healy, Dan

Scoil na Croise Naofa Churchyard Lane Graveyard (Unpublished manuscript.)

Sherlock family SEE Collins, Arian E.

Simington, Robert C. (Ed.) The Civil Survey 1654-1656 of Waterford; Muskerry Barony and Kilkenny City with valuations circa 1663-64 for Waterford and Cork cities. (Dublin: Stationery Office, 1942.)

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Turnbull family. Manuscript notes on the Turnbull family in 'The book of Common Prayer.'

Vickers , D.C. Eight generations. (Manchester: D.C. Vickers, 1996.)

Wall family SEE Gallwey, Hubert.

Walter family SEE Waters, Eaton.

Waters, Eaton W. The Waters or Walter family of Cork. (Cork: Guy & Co., 1939.)

Westropp, George The Westropp family. ( London: G.V. Westropp, 2000.)

Yan, Lowell Ross. Origins: a history of the Yan family.

Youghal, Co. Cork, family records SEE Farrell, Noel

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