Doggs Hamlet; Cahoots Macbeth

Playwright  Tom Stoppard
Director  Stephen Daunt
Company  Youth Theatre Cork
Stage  Granary

Conor French, Olan Wrynn, Cillian Ó Dubhghuill, Steven Vermaat, Garry Sandison, Patricia O'Leary, Miriam Forde, Mari Sydenham, Mark O'Shaughnessy, Sarah Fitzgibbon, Donncha O'Sullivan, Gary Cogan, Peter Walsh, Eugene Leahy, William O'Connor, Edel Kenneally, Roger Ellis, Miriam Forde, Mari Sydenham, Louise Ferguson, Jackie McSweeney, Timothy McCarthy, Arthur Stanley, William O'Connor

Opening Date 6 July 1987
Other Information Tom Stoppard wrote these two plays to be performed together. Dogg's Hamlet is influenced by concepts dealing with interpretation of language in Ludwig Wittgenstein's Philosophical Investigations. Cahoot's Macbeth is dedicated to Czech playwright Pavel Kohot whom  Stoppard met in Prague in 1977. Kohot was prevented from  working in the official theatre by Communist authorities and because of this set up a company to perform Macbeth secretly in living rooms in Prague.
Source Material  Programme copy provided by Michael Twomey

1987 Doggs Hamlet
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