Playwright Francois Billetdoux
Director Mary Elizabeth Burke-Kennedy
Company Focus Theatre
Stage Everyman Playhouse
Cast Deirdre O'Connell, Tom Laidlaw, Liam Halligan, Niamh Mahon, John Guiney
Opening Date 30 January 1978
Sources of Material Copy of programme: Michael Twomey
Photograph: Evening Echo, 28 January 1978, p. 5
Newspaper articles: Cork City Libraries

Tchin-Tchin Programme Thumbnail‌                                      Tchin-Tchin Image Thumbnail
Select above image to view programme                        Tom Laidlaw, Liam Halligan and Deirdre
                                                                                         O'Connell in a scene from Tchin-Tchin

Newspaper Articles
Evening Echo, 28 January 1978, p. 5
Evening Echo, 4 February 1978, p. 5

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