1978 Theatre in Cork

The Everyman Playhouse hosted storyteller Eamon Kelly's The Rub of a Relic in January 1978. This play proved very popular with Cork audiences, selling out its entire two-week run. The Rub of a Relic returned for a further week in April due to popular demand.

Spokesong Image ThumbnailIn January '78, the Irish National Theatre Company presented Spokesong, by Belfast playwright Stewart Parker, at the Everyman Playhouse. This play was set in Belfast in 1973 when sectarian conflict in Northern Ireland was making headline news. In the play, Frank Stock, played by Emmet Bergin, runs a bicycle shop inherited from his grandparents. Despite violence in the city, Frank's main concern is to revive the bicycle as the main mode of transport in Belfast, in a challenge to the planned building of a motorway through his neighbourhood. Spokesong also reflects the cycles of history in Belfast with the use of flashbacks to the lives of his nationalist grandmother's life in the suffragette movement and to the life of his grandfather who fought for the British forces at Flanders. This production played for one week in Cork from 23 to 28 January, with a cast that also included Marie Hastings, Gerard McSorley, Jim Bartley, Anita Reeves and Gerard O'Brien (Evening Echo, January 1978). In September '78, the Irish National Theatre Company returned to Cork with The Heart's a Wonder, a new musical version of Synge's The Playboy of the Western World.  This show, written by Máirín Charlton and Nuala O'Farrell, played for two weeks at the Everyman.

The Merry Widow Advertisement Thumbnail‌1978 was the year of the Cork Operatic Society's diamond jubilee. To mark this milestone the company presented two operettas. On 27 March, The Merry Widow opened for one week at the Opera House, featuring Ava June and Adrian Martin and local performers David McInereny, Liam O'Connell, and Pat Lehane (Evening Echo, 25 March 1978, p. 5). To conclude its 60th anniversary celebrations, the Cork Operatic Society presented Sigmund Romberg's The Student Prince from 27 November to 1 December, also at the Cork Opera House (Evening Echo, 24 November 1978, p. 5).

The Swans Fleadh Ceoil Thumbnail‌Throughout the 1970s, The Swans were a regular feature at the Cork Opera House with their comedic offerings. In 1978 they presented The Swans Fleadh Cheoil for two weeks from 24 April to 6 May (Evening Echo, 22 April 1978, p. 5). Later in the year, The Swans were part of a special production at the Savoy in St Patrick's Street. Following a stage extension, the Savoy reopened its doors as a theatre venue in 1977, where, for Christmas 1978 the Savoy hosted Little Red Riding Hood, a pantomime by The Swans. Among the cast of this show were Paddy Coughlan, Paddy Cotter, Tony Hegarty, Tom Dines, Charlotte O'Byrne, Maurice O'Donovan, Pat O'Sullivan, Colette Good, and Noel Barrett (Evening Echo, 18 November (p. 5), 23 (p. 5) & 29 (p. 1) December 1978).


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9 January The Rub of a Relic Everyman Playhouse
30 January Tchin-Tchin Everyman Playhouse
27 March Don't Sing For Me Perry Como Everyman Playhouse
19 April Hobson's Choice  Everyman Playhouse
2 May Holy Deadlock Everyman Playhouse
7 August The Buds of Ballybunion Cork Opera House
28 August Summer Revels '78 Cork Opera House
4 September The Front Page Everyman Playhouse
18 September The Heart's a Wonder Everyman Playhouse
4 October Barefoot in the Park Everyman Playhouse
1 November City Sugar Everyman Playhouse
15 November Gimme Shelter Everyman Playhouse
26 December Babes in the Wood Everyman Playhouse
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