Playwright Christopher Hampton
Director John O'Shea
Company Everyman
Stage Everyman Playhouse
Cast Brendan Fehily, Marion Fenton, Michael McCarthy, Lionel Pilkington, Donal O'Donovan, Tim Herbert, Frank Corkery, Dom Coffey, Aidan Stanley, Brendan Casserly, Fifi Wilson
Opening Date 10 November 1976
Other Information Savages tells the story of the abduction of a British diplomat in Brazil during the era of military dictatorship in the countyry during the last century. The diplomat is being held by a left-wing revolutionary group, but his mind is preoccupied by those in power in Brazil, who have imminent plans to exterminate a native American tribe, for land hungry developers. Brendan Fehily played the role of the diplomat, while the revolutionary group's leader was played by Michael McCarthy. Among the extended cast was Fifi Wilson, who was to move onto major international success in her career, on stage and screen, as Fiona Shaw.
Sources of Material Photograph: Brendan Casserly
Advertisement: Evening Echo, 9 November 1976, p. 6
Newspaper articles: Cork City Libraries

Savages Advertisement Thumbnail                                        Savages Image
Select above image to                        A scene from Savages at the Everyman Playhouse in November 1976.
view advertisement (enhanced)           Among the cast in this photograph are, on the left, Brendan Casserly
                                                       as the tribal chief, and on the far right, Fifi Wilson later known as Fiona Shaw.

Newspaper Articles
Evening Echo, 6 November 1976, p. 5
Evening Echo, 13 November 1976, p. 5

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