Summer Revels '75

Director Michael Twomey
Musical Director Ronnie O'Shaughnessy
Company Theatre of the South
Stage Cork Opera House
Cast Billa O'Connell, Michael Twomey, Frank Duggan, Paddy Comerford, David McInerney, Marie Twomey, Dick Healy, Noel Frost, The Monfort Singers
Opening Date 11 August 1975
Other Information Summer Revels '75 played for an inital four-week run from 11 August to 6 September. In respnse to popular demand Revels returned for a further two weeks from 16 to 27 September.
Sources of Material Copy of programme and photographs: Paul O'Flynn
Advertisement: Evening Echo, 11 August 1975, p. 6
Newspaper articles from files in Cork City Libraries

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Newspaper Articles
Evening Echo, 9 August 1975, p. 5
Evening Echo, 16 August 1975, p. 5

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