Playwright James N. Healy
Company Gilbert and Sullivan Group (Cork)
Stage Cork Opera House
Cast Philip Byrne, Deirdre Warren, Paddy Carroll, Miah Kean, Jo Cronin, James N. Healy, Dick Healy, Chris O'Shea, Jim O'Connell, Bill Clifford, Fred Hegarty, Ned Kean, Tony Morrisey, Neal O'Toole, Aideen Dynan, Deirdre McAuliffe, Mary Murphy, Patricia O'Regan
Opening Date 31 March 1975
Other Information A musical written by James N. Healy based on the works of County Roscommon songwriter Percy French. Freeny was based on a collaborative work by French and Houston Collison called The Irish Girl. As well as using songs by French, new musical material for this play was written by Cork songwriter Michael Casey. Freeny was staged for three weeks at Cork Opera House, from 31 March until 19 April 1975.
Sources of Material Copy of programme and photographs: Paul O'Flynn
Advertisment: Evening Echo, 31 March 1975, p. 6
Newspaper articles: Cork City Libraries

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Newspaper Articles
Evening Echo, 22 March 1975, p. 5
Evening Echo, 29 March 1975, p. 5
Evening Echo, 12 April 1975, p. 5
Evening Echo, 16 April 1975, p. 3

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