Twelfth Night

Playwright William Shakespeare
Director Peter O'Shaughnessy
Company Everyman
Stage Everyman Playhouse
Cast Aidan O'Shea, Owen Curtain, Denis Coughlan, Maurice O'Donovan, Jerry McSweeney, Derry O'Carrel, John Tallent, Maurice O'Donaghue, Jack Riordan, Ciarán Black, Michael McCarthy, Jenni Hinkes, Heather Underwood, Doreen McMullin, Diarmaid Foley, Eamon O'Donaghue, Gerard O'Brien, Madeline Morgan, Ann Egan, Karen Keatings
Opening Night 26 Decemeber 1974
Sources of Material Copy of programme: Michael Twomey
Newspaper article: Cork City Libraries

Twelfth Night Programme
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Newspaper Articles
Evening Echo, 14 December 1974, p. 5
Evening Echo, 28 December 1974, p. 5

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