[Theatre of the South: US Tour]

Production 1 Sive (by John B. Keane), Opening date: 25 June 1972
Production 2 Himself (James N. Healy's one-man show of Irish ballads, poems and stories), Opening date: 2 July 1972
Production 3 The Country Boy (by John Murphy), Opening date: 5 July 1972
Production 4 The Year of the Hiker (by John B. Keane), Opening date: 12 July 1972
Company Theatre of the South
Stage Riordan's High School Auditorium, San Francisco
Cast James N. Healy, Mary Foley, Michael Twomey, Frank Duggan, Máirín Morrish, Flor Dullea, Kay Healy, Dick Healy, Donal O'Donovan, Mary Walsh, Sue Milch
Tour Opening Date 25 June 1972
Other Information In 1970 the Southern Theatre group was renamed Theatre of the South.  Theatre of the South specialised in bringing modern Irish shows to audiences in the south of the country. In June the company embarked on a tour to the United States, at the invitation of the O'Growney branch of the Gaelic League in San Francisco. While on tour, Theatre of the South presented four modern Irish shows to American audiences. After the tour, the group returned for their summer season at the Cork Opera House.
Sources of Material Photographs: Michael Twomey
Newspaper articles: Cork City Libraries




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