Harty Cup Introduction

As long as I can remember, the Harty Cup has been the Holy Grail to which every hurling playing secondary school in Munster aspires. It was spoken of with reverence and awe in hurling strongholds throughout the province and beyond. It was described in the 1981 final match programme as:

the most celebrated of all College trophies - inspiring more healthy rivalry among the young hurlers attached to the various schools than even the storied All-Ireland Cup could rouse in a score of crack county teams.

Here we try to recapture some of the glorious memories of past Harty campaigns, beginning with city schools, and in this respect I am indebted to GAA scribes, past and present, who unknowingly provided me with the recipe. This came to life through the excellent match reports located in the archives and penned with professionalism by Michael Ellard, John Horgan, Tom O’Sullivan, Jim O’Sullivan, Brendan Mooney, Brendan Larkin, Robert Lester, Tim Horgan, Noel Horgan, Diarmuid O’Flynn and other unidentified contributors.

Word and images courtesy of Plunkett Carter.

North Monastery Harty Cup Team
The North Monastery has won the Harty Cup twenty times, more than any other Cork school.

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