Cork hunt clubs

Hunting with hounds and horses in Ireland is a long-established pastime, predating recorded history, and a popular theme in ancient Celtic legends.  It is still a widely popular pastime among young, middle-aged, and elderly persons throughout the country.  The Hunting Association of Ireland oversees regulation of this sport through six constituent bodies. 

  1. The Irish Foot Harriers Association;
  2. The Irish Masters of Harriers Association;
  3. The Irish Masters of Foxhounds Association;
  4. The Irish Masters of Beagles Association;
  5. The Irish Masters of Mink Hounds Association;
  6. The Ward Union Staghounds.

In twenty-first century Ireland, there are more than 30,000 mounted hunt followers and some 300 hunt clubs, and these are active during the hunting season each winter. Cork is no exception to this countrywide tradition and today Cork has seven Foxhound clubs, five beagle associations, ten harriers groups, among other hunting groups (Hunting Association of Ireland).

Select the British Hunts and Huntsmen (published in 1911) link from menu on left to read historical chapters about seven Cork-based hunt clubs. 

You can also view five sample information postcards for the years 1874-6, from an east Cork hunt club, by selecting another link from the menu. 

 Colonel Stopford
 Colonel Stopford and the South Union hounds (British Hunts and Huntsmen, 1911).



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